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Not what I expected

I have nothing against stick movies, and I began watching this with high-hopes from what I have heard.
I was very disappointed. There may have been pretty graphics, but for me it unfortunatley was not very pleasing beyond that.

The sounds, and voice actors, both bothered me (more so the voice actors) which was a big draw-back. The story seemed too slow and boring for me to fully enjoy as well.

On top of that, there was a lack of 'true' animation (this meaning not motion tweens, walk cycles, still images, etc) which for me made it more boring. From what I saw, the majority of everything was mostly well drawn, still images and/or short cycling animations, floating across the screen.

In a nutshell, it is pretty to the eyes, but is very over-rated.

Get-lost responds:

Alright, good you liked the art though.

Nice short

55blind55: Go play Space Invaders and you will.

It was short, but nice. Not one of your best but still enjoyable.
Keep it up.

"Majin Vegetto: Episode 1" Review

Though I do not like DBZ anymore, I used too, I saw something that didn't make sense DBZ wise.
If Vegitto had of killed Buu, then everyone he absorbed would have been killed too, that is why he let himself be absorbed on the show.

But this was decently made, a lot better than most of the DBZ crap that floods in here.
Nice job.

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Clearly Fake

This is clearly not real, and every thing in it is preset, but it was mildly entertaining for the brief period of time before I realized it wasn't real.

Great game.

Reminded me a lot of Unreal Tournament (which I love).
The only thing I didn't like was that the sounds were a little loud, and there was no way to control the volume.
Overall, this is an amazing game.

And Dracmus, yes it is your computer. I never got any FPS loss while playing this.

"Weird Bicycle Game"

Although it was well programmed, it was far too easy.
I got 3,621 before I got bored and quit. There should be more of a challange.

RVWD responds:

hm... maybe for you to easy, but for a lot of ppl hard enough:) i'll make it more of a chllance in the 2nd version

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